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Sava Vanis Sizzton (Male Duros from Harpori)
Age: 22 Height: 220cm Weight: 90kg
Blue skin, no hair, red eyes
Dar-Elglih-To Feb-Gar-Jon (Male Cerean from Dorumaa)
Age: 44 Height: 212cm Weight: 75kg
Light skin, brown hair, yellow eyes
Achitan Bane Hral (Female Togruta from Kiros)
Age: 42 Height: 163cm Weight: 55kg
Yellow skin, no hair, yellow eyes
Shagrad Nha (Male Gotal from Centares)
Age: 44 Height: 227cm Weight: 81kg
Brown fur, white hair, yellow eyes
Watts Nartano (Male Rellarin from Rellnas Minor)
Age: 23 Height: 209cm Weight: 98kg
Dark brown skin, no hair, black eyes
Homack Aah Triald (Male Near-Human - Nomad)
Age: 25 Height: 176cm Weight: 65kg
Blond skin, white hair, gray eyes
Honest'se Lx Griggs (Male Verpine from Aduba-3)
Age: 21 Height: 207cm Weight: 89kg
Green skin, no hair, red eyes
Xishel Weyfel (Male Falleen from Speco)
Age: 40 Height: 158cm Weight: 53kg
Red skin, black hair, gray eyes
Li'rorr Khiss (Male Sluissi from Sluis Van)
Age: 51 Height: 159cm Weight: 60kg
Light green skin, no hair, black eyes
Q'zgorth Carniss (Male Mon Calamari from Vaynai)
Age: 42 Height: 187cm Weight: 69kg
Reddish brown skin, no hair, brown eyes
Ottakcca Darsk Kram (Male Reigat from Stend VI)
Age: 42 Height: 232cm Weight: 80kg
Mottled gray skin, dark blue hair, brown eyes
Dha'llleag Jalunn (Male Rodian from Kessel)
Age: 25 Height: 175cm Weight: 75kg
Blue skin, no hair, black eyes
Jelakchak (Male Wookiee from Almas)
Age: 109 Height: 264cm Weight: 138kg
Brown fur, black hair, blue eyes
Yag Garoon (Male Givin from Onadax)
Age: 27 Height: 204cm Weight: 73kg
Pale white skin, no hair, black eyes
Ma'ma Ardmore (Male Chevin from Vinsoth)
Age: 27 Height: 306cm Weight: 109kg
Dark gray skin, dark brown hair, black eyes
Filik Ggeran Kimotte (Male Selonian from Coruscant)
Age: 27 Height: 190cm Weight: 79kg
Brown fur, brown hair, black eyes
Ona Tagge (Male Nikto from Endregaad)
Age: 44 Height: 192cm Weight: 82kg
Green skin, no hair, black eyes
Tinte Frei (Female Kiffar from Kiffu)
Age: 42 Height: 165cm Weight: 53kg
Tan skin, black hair, brown eyes
Gray Saychel Dibai (Male Quermian from Quermia)
Age: 26 Height: 262cm Weight: 102kg
Pale white skin, no hair, yellow eyes
Houlilan Corobb (Male Ithorian from Nam Chorios)
Age: 22 Height: 248cm Weight: 88kg
Green skin, gray hair, black eyes
Slugga L'wooro (Female Venan from Vena)
Age: 23 Height: 150cm Weight: 65kg
Pale white skin, black hair, black eyes
Skyn'vyal'grai Elneck'lar'tremayne (Male Bothan from Zygeria)
Age: 23 Height: 147cm Weight: 61kg
Brown fur, brown hair, green eyes
Kiskie (Male Ssi-ruu from Lwhekk)
Age: 57 Height: 208cm Weight: 71kg
Green skin, no hair, orange eyes
Brazack (Male Selonian from Corellia)
Age: 16 Height: 194cm Weight: 84kg
Brown fur, brown hair, black eyes
Kejas Ley (Male Melida from Melida/Daan)
Age: 106 Height: 187cm Weight: 62kg
Light skin, auburn hair, amber eyes
Crimpler Tsur (Male Hapan from Lorell)
Age: 23 Height: 171cm Weight: 63kg
Dark skin, brown hair, gray eyes
Deam Vundt (Male Rodian from Redcap)
Age: 25 Height: 165cm Weight: 80kg
Green skin, no hair, maroon eyes
(Unknown Tintinna from Rinn)
Age: 47 Height: 87cm Weight: 36kg
Brown fur, brown hair, black eyes
Beltaneslythorgala (Female Squib from Betha II)
Age: 20 Height: 86cm Weight: 19kg
White fur, white hair, red eyes
Toklar Barillard (Male Mon Calamari from Vaynai)
Age: 24 Height: 198cm Weight: 68kg
Gold skin, no hair, silver eyes
Lile Heelska Sha'pa (Male Duros from Tatooine)
Age: 40 Height: 211cm Weight: 86kg
Green skin, no hair, red eyes
Centa Na Da (Male Gamorrean - Nomad)
Age: 16 Height: 164cm Weight: 93kg
Green skin, no hair, brown eyes
Repka Qurr'adem (Female Swokes Swokes from Dagro)
Age: 62 Height: 140cm Weight: 46kg
White skin, no hair, white eyes
Sian Suub'ye (Male Sullustan from Esseles)
Age: 27 Height: 167cm Weight: 74kg
Gray skin, no hair, black eyes
Kullan'areeilla'shooter (Male Chiss from Csilla)
Age: 57 Height: 167cm Weight: 73kg
Slate blue skin, blue hair, red eyes
Kafleer Simo (Male Sy Myrthian from Sy Myrth)
Age: 43 Height: 190cm Weight: 75kg
White fur, gray hair, red eyes
Shuma Dirpa (Male Yinchorri from Yinchorr)
Age: 40 Height: 151cm Weight: 58kg
Brown skin, no hair, yellow eyes
An'gaul Carlon (Male Barabel from Barab I)
Age: 23 Height: 242cm Weight: 84kg
Black skin, no hair, black eyes
Kalon Zentis (Male Rodian from Socorro)
Age: 73 Height: 163cm Weight: 74kg
Purple skin, blond hair, maroon eyes
Spodan Tre Jik (Male Sedrian from Sedri)
Age: 52 Height: 306cm Weight: 98kg
Yellow fur, gray hair, brown eyes
Tiroc Leoet (Male Mandalorian from Dxun)
Age: 41 Height: 184cm Weight: 81kg
Light skin, brown hair, blue eyes
Umo Rhan Meckley (Male Barabel from Barab I)
Age: 43 Height: 227cm Weight: 92kg
Black skin, no hair, red eyes
Jeffers Te'Arsan (Asexual Vratix from Thyferra)
Age: 46 Height: 170cm Weight: 89kg
Greenish gray skin, no hair, black eyes
Croig Joo (Male Duros from Tatooine)
Age: 24 Height: 220cm Weight: 90kg
Green skin, no hair, red eyes
Sai'sy (Male Sluissi from Golh)
Age: 80 Height: 153cm Weight: 59kg
Green skin, no hair, black eyes
Takara Hut Tuk (Asexual Hutt from Coruscant)
Age: 702 Height: 1,980cm Weight: 864kg
Turquoise skin, no hair, green eyes
Kiber Sangha (Male Kubaz from Mutanda)
Age: 93 Height: 212cm Weight: 80kg
Greenish black skin, black hair, red eyes
Cri Not Darys (Male Hiromi from Zeltros)
Age: 46 Height: 118cm Weight: 58kg
Green skin, no hair, yellow eyes
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