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Fusset Fyre (Male Trandoshan from Sarafur)
Age: 35 Height: 2.0m Weight: 75kg
Green skin, no hair, yellow eyes
N'rii Boton (Male Zeltron from Zeltros)
Age: 42 Height: 1.7m Weight: 81kg
Crimson skin, red hair, gray eyes
Ric'aqua'jill Foss Den (Male Brubb from Baros)
Age: 22 Height: 1.6m Weight: 62kg
Yellow skin, black hair, black eyes
Hutar Chi Lan (Male Lannik from Lannik)
Age: 24 Height: 1.3m Weight: 50kg
Pink skin, gray hair, gray eyes
Vaash Shug Tr (Female Togruta from Kiros)
Age: 23 Height: 1.8m Weight: 53kg
Purple skin, no hair, red eyes
Ku'ug Sac Jek (Male Bimm from Bimmisaari)
Age: 51 Height: 1.6m Weight: 56kg
Light skin, auburn hair, amber eyes
Sha'tedryn Kla'cel'pah (Male Caamasi from Caamas)
Age: 23 Height: 1.8m Weight: 80kg
Brown fur, gray hair, yellow eyes
Durba Norz (Female Yuzzum from Mimban)
Age: 71 Height: 1.8m Weight: 74kg
Red skin, brown hair, orange eyes
Palla Wesselman Dix (Female Togruta from Kiros)
Age: 43 Height: 1.8m Weight: 64kg
Red skin, no hair, red eyes
Krel'trel'trel'da Ar'via (Female Gorothite from Goroth Prime)
Age: 47 Height: 1.8m Weight: 62kg
Dark gray skin, no hair, yellow eyes
NeHimmep Cree'dxo (Male Duros from Vaynai)
Age: 19 Height: 2.1m Weight: 87kg
Green skin, no hair, red eyes
Sissalik Bekam (Male Mon Calamari from Socorro)
Age: 24 Height: 2.0m Weight: 73kg
Magenta skin, no hair, silver eyes
K'nhaal How Ila (Male Neimoidian from Apatros)
Age: 25 Height: 2.1m Weight: 89kg
Green gray skin, no hair, dark red eyes
D'goren (Male Gand from Gand)
Age: 18 Height: 1.7m Weight: 69kg
Purple skin, no hair, gold eyes
Drexol Sim Car (Male Anx from Ryloth)
Age: 19 Height: 4.3m Weight: 225kg
Blue skin, no hair, black eyes
Slyssk Jev Smiff (Male Trandoshan from Nar Shaddaa)
Age: 23 Height: 2.0m Weight: 90kg
Green skin, no hair, yellow eyes
T'nj Anan (Male Sullustan from Sullust)
Age: 21 Height: 1.8m Weight: 66kg
Pink skin, no hair, black eyes
Thannik Girdun (Male Near-Human - Nomad)
Age: 23 Height: 2.0m Weight: 71kg
Red skin, pink hair, silver eyes
Osos Gra'noull (Male Near-Human - Nomad)
Age: 41 Height: 1.8m Weight: 73kg
Blond skin, brown hair, pink eyes
Roor (Male Kel Dor from Coruscant)
Age: 44 Height: 1.8m Weight: 77kg
Crimson skin, no hair, black eyes
Ohh Teroalaas (Male Abyssin from Byss)
Age: 99 Height: 2.0m Weight: 95kg
Greenish-tan skin, white hair, white eyes
Alistay Var Klivian (Female Jokhalli from Blimph 3)
Age: 22 Height: 1.9m Weight: 71kg
Black skin, no hair, yellow eyes
Khar'dajjun Zilbra (Male Gotal from Centares)
Age: 24 Height: 2.3m Weight: 81kg
White fur, gray hair, yellow eyes
Kabe Axfow (Female Chadra-Fan from Ord Mantell)
Age: 21 Height: 0.9m Weight: 33kg
Brown fur, brown hair, brown eyes
Kitalic Rhane (Male Svivreni from Svivren)
Age: 25 Height: 0.9m Weight: 32kg
Copper fur, orange hair, brown eyes
Amanoa Mub-Rans (Female Human from Bridin Anchorage)
Age: 48 Height: 1.8m Weight: 60kg
Light skin, auburn hair, blue eyes
Vula Tejere (Female Givin from Yag'Dhul)
Age: 26 Height: 1.6m Weight: 67kg
Pale white skin, no hair, black eyes
Ali'julynn Balfed'wen (Female Ho'Din from Nim Drovis)
Age: 24 Height: 2.9m Weight: 88kg
Orange skin, red-violet hair, black eyes
Bright Mogotah (Male Kentra from Orellon II)
Age: 23 Height: 2.1m Weight: 92kg
Tan fur, tan hair, yellow eyes
Volfe Jonndril (Male Anzati from Anzat)
Age: 456 Height: 1.7m Weight: 70kg
Greyish skin, black hair, yellow eyes
Till Vor Egal (Male Defel from Cularin)
Age: 25 Height: 1.6m Weight: 60kg
Yellow fur, blue-black hair, red eyes
Pi'bel Zalzzabar (Male Dresselian from Dressel)
Age: 25 Height: 1.9m Weight: 72kg
Brown skin, no hair, yellow eyes
Gavele Romey (Female Corellian from Coruscant)
Age: 51 Height: 1.8m Weight: 65kg
Light skin, auburn hair, hazel eyes
Vurrulf Tahlee (Male Klatooinan from Shawti)
Age: 25 Height: 1.9m Weight: 65kg
Olive green skin, no hair, yellow eyes
Guy'mentis'yima (Female Chiss from Sarvchi)
Age: 17 Height: 1.9m Weight: 64kg
Dark blue skin, dark blue hair, red eyes
Lernik Waver (Male Rodian from Caluula)
Age: 64 Height: 1.6m Weight: 71kg
Purple skin, no hair, black eyes
Siro (Male Gotal from Gotal)
Age: 43 Height: 2.3m Weight: 72kg
Brown fur, white hair, gray eyes
Tiopuld Di'Smeal Goa (Male Issori from Trulalis)
Age: 23 Height: 1.9m Weight: 71kg
Green skin, green hair, yellow eyes
Velso Tash (Male Hoojib from Arbra)
Age: 46 Height: 0.5m Weight: 28kg
White fur, white hair, black eyes
Roshell Tertarrnek (Female Gran from Cularin)
Age: 26 Height: 1.4m Weight: 59kg
Blue skin, no hair, black eyes
Ewane Daroom (Male Ithorian - Nomad)
Age: 84 Height: 2.4m Weight: 86kg
Dark red skin, brown hair, blue eyes
M'truli Moutil (Male Nikto from Sarafur)
Age: 25 Height: 1.8m Weight: 74kg
Orange skin, no hair, blue eyes
Condi Aphett (Male Near-Human - Nomad)
Age: 47 Height: 1.6m Weight: 77kg
Purple skin, black hair, white eyes
Dai Eyan (Female Twi'lek from Cotellier)
Age: 25 Height: 1.7m Weight: 58kg
Purple skin, no hair, hazel eyes
A'sav Ledwellow (Female Mandalorian from Flashpoint)
Age: 45 Height: 1.8m Weight: 61kg
Dark skin, auburn hair, hazel eyes
Prender Linnix (Male H'drachi from Procopia)
Age: 15 Height: 1.4m Weight: 63kg
Brown skin, brown hair, brown eyes
Havriso An Dru (Male Firrerreo from Firrerre)
Age: 65 Height: 1.8m Weight: 82kg
Gold skin, gold and copper hair, black eyes
Rycar Ratua (Male Bimm from Bimmisaari)
Age: 48 Height: 1.5m Weight: 62kg
Dark skin, blond hair, brown eyes
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