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Shlee'ik Dahn (Asexual Hutt from Dilbana)
Age: 786 Height: 22.0m Weight: 872kg
Blue skin, no hair, yellow eyes
Kasan Dayson (Female Alderaanian from Gormdin)
Age: 104 Height: 1.6m Weight: 72kg
Light skin, black hair, gray eyes
Situ Kamalas (Male Whiphid from Gambolla)
Age: 125 Height: 2.4m Weight: 190kg
Brown fur, brown hair, black eyes
Shallamar Shae (Female Barabel from Barab I)
Age: 39 Height: 1.8m Weight: 69kg
Black skin, no hair, red eyes
Oolea Val Hey (Female Kuati from Kuat)
Age: 69 Height: 1.6m Weight: 61kg
Dark skin, brown hair, amber eyes
Ssyrmik'buboicullaar Spince (Male Sedrian from Kailor V)
Age: 28 Height: 3.0m Weight: 114kg
Gray fur, yellow hair, brown eyes
Jatrian Wes Tan (Male Zeltron from Zeltros)
Age: 41 Height: 1.8m Weight: 66kg
Deep crimson skin, blue hair, blue eyes
Habba Gar Draav (Male Sunesi from Monor II)
Age: 23 Height: 2.0m Weight: 70kg
Turquoise skin, no hair, black eyes
Aros AlGray (Female Hapan from Lorell)
Age: 46 Height: 1.8m Weight: 64kg
Dark skin, black hair, brown eyes
Shmi Kiffu (Asexual Filordi from Caarimon)
Age: 20 Height: 1.5m Weight: 62kg
Orange fur with blue stripes, orange hair, brown eyes
Gavrilonnis Vos De (Male Givin from Onadax)
Age: 56 Height: 2.3m Weight: 86kg
Pale white skin, no hair, black eyes
Mandus Owen (Male Neimoidian from Qiilura)
Age: 21 Height: 2.2m Weight: 84kg
Green gray skin, no hair, pink eyes
Pagda Asta Laa (Male Mrlssti from Mrlsst)
Age: 22 Height: 1.2m Weight: 51kg
Light blue and gray feathers, brown feathers, black eyes
Xydge Lai Ly (Female Trandoshan from Lamaredd)
Age: 22 Height: 2.0m Weight: 76kg
Green skin, no hair, yellow eyes
Janah Shar Dok (Female Tchuukthai from unknown)
Age: 26 Height: 2.9m Weight: 110kg
Green fur, green hair, white eyes
Suzdice Iss Arano (Female Clawdite from Zolan)
Age: 19 Height: 1.5m Weight: 61kg
Yellow skin, no hair, yellow eyes
Dannik Curran (Male Corellian from Maryo)
Age: 48 Height: 1.9m Weight: 67kg
Dark skin, auburn hair, hazel eyes
Celina Rym'no (Female Bith from Clak'Dor IV)
Age: 60 Height: 1.7m Weight: 51kg
Green skin, no hair, black eyes
Ichi Del Pzallon (Male Melida from Melida/Daan)
Age: 38 Height: 2.0m Weight: 72kg
Dark skin, white hair, brown eyes
Jhorag'koday'kohn (Male Chiss from Csilla)
Age: 17 Height: 1.6m Weight: 73kg
Dark blue skin, dark blue hair, red eyes
Telo Teres Thaneo (Female Iskalonian from Iskalon)
Age: 24 Height: 1.8m Weight: 66kg
Tan skin, white hair, blue eyes
Shosmi Counsil (Female Talz from Esseles)
Age: 17 Height: 2.0m Weight: 74kg
White fur, whire hair, black eyes
Drif Rennta Em (Male Barabel from Herios IV)
Age: 32 Height: 2.1m Weight: 82kg
Black skin, no hair, red eyes
Vigrriev Spijek (Male Elom from Elom)
Age: 27 Height: 1.6m Weight: 68kg
Light green fur, brown hair, black eyes
Jarik Farseeker (Male Near-Human - Nomad)
Age: 26 Height: 1.6m Weight: 76kg
Green skin, pink hair, green eyes
Lyshaa Andona (Female Zeltron - Unknown)
Age: 23 Height: 1.7m Weight: 66kg
Crimson skin, red hair, brown eyes
Warlug Tabanne (Male Gamorrean from Derilyn)
Age: 16 Height: 1.7m Weight: 97kg
Green skin, no hair, gold eyes
Lorfo Coral (Female Toydarian from Oseon)
Age: 24 Height: 1.3m Weight: 39kg
Green skin, no hair, yellow eyes
S'phalla Gulfel (Male Human from Desstius)
Age: 21 Height: 1.7m Weight: 64kg
Light skin, gray hair, green eyes
Wonn Valorum (Male Falleen from Trigalis)
Age: 51 Height: 1.5m Weight: 56kg
Green skin, black hair, blue eyes
Sires Najoqui (Male Devaronian from Devaron)
Age: 23 Height: 1.8m Weight: 82kg
Red-brown skin, no hair, red eyes
Uh'pall Marr (Male Anzati - Unknown)
Age: 360 Height: 1.7m Weight: 60kg
Greyish skin, white hair, yellow eyes
Anderton Zey (Male Miraluka from Corvis Minor 4)
Age: 36 Height: 1.8m Weight: 68kg
Dark skin, brown hair, no eyes
S'male Feb (Male Mandalorian from Dxun)
Age: 66 Height: 1.6m Weight: 66kg
Light skin, blond hair, hazel eyes
Albee Scraf (Male Near-Human - Nomad)
Age: 23 Height: 2.0m Weight: 71kg
Crimson skin, silver hair, gray eyes
Milla Stinwise (Male Falleen from Trigalis)
Age: 96 Height: 1.6m Weight: 62kg
Green skin, black hair, hazel eyes
Li'oi Daggoth (Female Barabel from Korriban)
Age: 17 Height: 1.9m Weight: 60kg
Gray skin, no hair, black eyes
Feltipern Notgoth (Male Gotal from Coruscant)
Age: 71 Height: 1.9m Weight: 85kg
Brown fur, brown hair, green eyes
Skinker Roth (Male Rattataki from Rattatak)
Age: 20 Height: 2.1m Weight: 76kg
Chalk white skin, no hair, gray eyes
Jiki Baralein (Female Rybet - Nomad)
Age: 72 Height: 1.3m Weight: 38kg
Green skin, no hair, orange eyes
Donn Trovin (Male Kuati from Kuat)
Age: 24 Height: 2.1m Weight: 71kg
Dark skin, brown hair, gray eyes
Mandary Keela (Female Mrlssti from Mrlsst)
Age: 45 Height: 0.5m Weight: 16kg
Light blue and gray feathers, brown feathers, black eyes
Mangol At Kae (Asexual Filordi from Cularin)
Age: 41 Height: 1.5m Weight: 49kg
Orange fur, orange hair, amber eyes
Paemos Bomu (Male Rodian from Vohai)
Age: 106 Height: 1.8m Weight: 74kg
Green skin, orange hair, maroon eyes
Allor Sega Agovast (Male Melodie from Yavin 8)
Age: 29 Height: 1.6m Weight: 64kg
Light skin, red hair, yellow eyes
Siv Del Sarc (Male Shistavanen from Coruscant)
Age: 27 Height: 2.1m Weight: 68kg
Brown fur, brown hair, red eyes
Trisstan Sitnalta (Male Frozian from Froz)
Age: 24 Height: 2.9m Weight: 100kg
Tan fur, tan hair, brown eyes
Rrabel Daskalion (Male Duros from Pinett)
Age: 23 Height: 2.1m Weight: 92kg
Green skin, no hair, red eyes
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